Fashion Logistics

TRANSZONE's Fashion Logistics :

  Overhead rail systems have long been recognized as the most efficient means of handling hanging garments by apparel manufacturers and in a warehouse or distribution center. W&H Systems designs and manufactures light duty, inexpensive power and free conveyors for both manufacturing and distribution applications. GOH Systems provides improved productivity and significantly lowers the cost of hanging garment handling.
A GOH System is simply an overhead trolley conveyor system that can move trolleys filled with hanging garments over great distances, through changing elevations and along complex paths. This type of system has the additional ability to being able to separate the trolleys from the power chain onto free (non-powered) lines. This means that the trolleys can be stopped, switched or diverted to other paths (powered or non-powered). The system design can enable trolleys to accumulate with one another anywhere within the system. This provides positive control of the trolleys at all times and allows for a wide variety of functions/processes to be performed.

Feature & Benefits

Flexible Design
Better Control & Increased Productivity
Effective & Efficient Sortation
Reliable Performance
Better & More Efficient Space Utilization
Low Cost

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